Don’t Drink and Fuck by Michael Niederman

Produced by Ignited States Production Company and Crosstown Playwrights

Don't Drink and Fuck (74)

Originally written as an unbroken second-person monologue charting the day of a self-destructive bohemian, in homage to Bright Lights, Big City, I worked with the playwright to find the company of three and the threads for each performer. We used Viewpoints and Boal work to create physical score in harmony with the vocal score, sometimes in consonance, sometimes in dissonance.  The narrator’s internal voices of judgment became characters in her present as we shifted between reality and dreamscape.

Don't Drink and Fuck (37)

Starring Sarah Todes, Montgomery Sutton and Deb Radloff

Don't Drink and Fuck (18)

Line Producer: Julie Griffith

Lighting Designer: Duane Pagano

Sound Designer: Martha Goode

Projection Designer: David Bengali

Stage Manager: Trey Johnson

Don't Drink and Fuck (23)