Fairy Tale of America by Michael Niederman

Produced by EBE Ensemble


Fairy Tale of America was a darkly comic one act in which a pubescent Little Red Riding Hood discovers that sometimes a wolf is just a man-eating carnivore and is saved by Hunter S. Thompson (deceased).  The play used graphic horror in the wolf’s attack, leaving Red incapacitated for the remainder of the play, so the challenge was to keep the tone comic and find portray the violence of the playwright’s intentions.  As originally written, the wolf tore off Red’s limbs.  We had the wolf disembowel her, pulling out coils and coils of intestines that Red later dumped in her basket when she tried to resume her journey, aided of course by her violently departed spirit guide.


Starring Eric Alba, Elizabeth Spano and Penny Bittone


Fight Choreographer: Turner Smith

Set Designer: Cory Rodriguez

Costume Designer: Amanda Jenks

Lighting Design: Lauren Bremen

Sound Design: Joshua Jenks

Props Designer: Lauren Genutis

Stage Manager: Bekah Hernandez