Migration Nation – Survey, Halo Halo and Paradise, Paradise

Produced by Leviathan Lab


Migration Nation was a site-specific play festival about Filipino emigration that took place across the sprawl of rooms at Space on White.  I directed Survey by Marisa Marquez, that brought the audience into the piece and oriented them.  I also directed Halo Halo by Christine Toy Johnson, a naturalistic monologue about the daily experience of a dancer in Japan, and Paradise, Paradise by Dorim Lee, a symbolistic piece about domestic service in Saudi Arabia, which were performed concurrently with other pieces as the audience navigated the space.


Starring: Leanne Cabrera, Jaygee Macapugay, Jake Myers, Mizuo Peck, Diane Phelan, Kurt Uy and Yan Xi


Line Producer: Dax Valdes

Production Designer: Jenny Santos

Costume Desinger; Krystal Rae

Stylist: Leslie Espinosa

Stage Manager: Taylor Alyssa Marun