The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare

Produced by EBE Ensemble 


 In Comedy of Errors, we see the master dramatist speaking directly to the crowds of ordinary people whose enthusiasm established him. He thanks them with an event that is physical, populist and funny.  Our play was set not in the exotic east, but in the hipsterland of “Girls” and The L Magazine. Our Ephesian streets were not the cutthroat bazaar of Elizabethan imagination, but a Brooklyn street fair. Like its original, our Comedy was performed outdoors in natural light for audiences free to move about and focus on whatever caught their interest.

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Starring Whit Leyenberger, Dylan C. Digel, David Jenkins, Thomas Muccioli, Josephine Ganner, KC Wright, Jordan Douglas Smith, Jessica Loudon, Noam Tomaschoff, Eric Alba, Olivia Hayes, Allyson Boate, Andrews Landsman, Steve McKenna


Costume Designer: Amanda Jenks

Production Manager: Joshua Jenks

Props Designer: Lauren Genutis

Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Ashley Rossetti