The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare

Educational tour produced by Manhattan Shakespeare Project


Manhattan Shakespeare Project hired me to create a four-woman Taming of the Shrew that could tour New York City area schools.  We developed a modern commedia trunk show.  We were inspired by the spirit of commedia, using contemporary stock figures, topical jokes, pop music, and lots of slapstick.  The physical action of the play was built around a trunk, a suitcase and a clothing rack, with a handful of props that were constantly repurposed.  The tour used the performances to start a conversation with the students about relationships and gender roles.


Starring Kim Katzberg, Amira Nader, Anjili Pal and Malkia Stampley


Fight Choreographer: Alicia Rodis

Production Designer: Czerton Lim

Costume Designer: Jessica Lustig

Stage Manager: Ashley Rossetti