After a career in New York’s vibrant entertainment industry, Elyzabeth moved to Amsterdam where she works as a writer and editor. She works with start-ups, scale-ups and several international brands to hone their messaging and engage customers thorugh effective communication. She researches, writes, and performs untold history stories, usually about women, LGTBQ people and people of color in medieval and early modern Europe. Her creative writing includes: Margaret I, a verse play about the women of the War of the Roses; What Cannot Be Undone, a novella about Lady Macbeth; and Cup to Cup, a World Cup coming of age novel. She does storytelling walks around Amsterdam that can be found at www.ask-a-badass.com, along with an advice column answered by history’s hidden women.

Elyzabeth Gorman Creative Content Portfolio

Elyzabeth Gorman Copywriting and Editing Portfolio