Hire me

What I can do for you:


Research, write, and revise:

  • Articles/bylines
  • White papers
  • Thought leadership
  • Research papers
  • Mission statements
  • Communications
  • Product descriptions
  • Websites
  • Tone of voice guides


  • Proofread (only review grammar and spelling),
  • Copyedit (proofread and make suggestions to clarify tone and sentence structure)
  • Full edit (error-free document has good structure, word usage, and language style)
  • Style guide (so English usage is consistent across company)


  • Research and write stories (historical, personal, or business-oriented)
  • Perform stories
  • Speaker trainings

How much it will cost:

Each job is different, so it’s hard to give a standard rate. I often negotiate project rates and editing or translating can have per word rates. A typical hourly rate for copywriting and editing is 90 + VAT.

Storytelling is always a flat rate based on the needs of the project.

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