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My clients range from tech scale-ups to international electronics corporations to schools. I communicate ideas – be they new technologies or new theories – by concisely taking the reader through each step along the way with:

  • white papers
  • press releases
  • grant proposals
  • thought leadership content
  • websites
  • blogs
  • product descriptions

Here are some examples:

From Amsterdam Dance Event to The Next Web, I helped Adobe talk to designers and CTOs.
Check out the party
I helped launch the world's first long-range commercial solar car with press materials, thought leadership and a brand new website!
Go to the launch
The international communications agency has me writing for audiences across Europe - and learning how not to get lost in translation!
There's so much to see...
Product copy and aspirational travel blogs with a side of sass...
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Container Solutions
Translating from engineer to ops for B2B...
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My other expertises:


I edit creative, communications, and academic texts in US or UK English. 

Creative writing

My start in theater honed my use of character and story structure. 


I tell hidden history stories about women, LGTBTQ people, and people of color.

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