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I make copy grammatically flawless, but that’s just the beginning. The bulk of my work is helping writers say what they want to, and I’ve developed a specialty of working with people using English as a second language.

I proofread for typos, copyedit for style, or content edit for structure and development. I’ve worked with long-form and short copy, fiction and nonfiction. I help individual writers structure ideas or stories. I help companies develop a consistent style across all of their communications, and I’m equally comfortable with US and UK conventions.

Check out these examples:

Business English for Dutchies webinar
I developed customized trainings to help Dutch people write better in English.
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I edited thought leadership & PR for this innovative tech scale-up. I also helped develop their in-house style and tone guides.
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I helped describe a new Dutch idea for outdoor luxury using British English.
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Max Foundation Impact Report
I edited the child-health charity’s impact report in British English.
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"Decriminalization of Sex Work" by Joep Rottier
Using American English and APA style, I did a proofread and line-by-line copyedit of this academic book.
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My other expertises:


I specialize in B2B, travel, culture, and conveying tech ideas to general audiences.

Creative writing

My start in theater honed my use of character and story structure. 


I tell hidden history stories about women, LGTBTQ people, and people of color.

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