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I do live storytelling across the Netherlands and online. I usually focus on untold history, though I sometimes do autobiographical stories or modern folk tales. My storytelling projects include: writing a storytelling tour of the ANDB for the International Institute for Social History as part of the Jewish History Museum’s Diamantbuurt exhibit; a standing performance in Samizdat at Mezrab House of Stories; and Amsterdam tours where I tell stories of women and LGBTQ people across its history.

Gather round for some stories:

Joan of Costantinople
What can a 13th century countess tell us about Cleopatra, Anne Boleyn, Joan of Arc, and Mary, Queen of Scots?
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Hildegard and Quarantine
I presented this story about medieval quarantine during the third edition of the Sofariety Show.
Sit back and watch
How Getting Fired Got Me Everything
I told the audience at Mezrab's "My True Story" about the biggest contradiction I've lived.
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Upcoming events:

Join me at Mezrab on 30/7!

I’m thrilled to be going back to Mezrab House of Stories this Friday! I’ve missed live storytelling so much. Come join me for a story about LGBTQIA history to get ready for Amsterdam Pride.

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Reinvent Tourism Festival

Badass Tours at the Reinvent Tourism Festival

On June 4, I’ll be doing a little storytelling and leading a brainstorm at the Reinvent Tourism Festival. Planting a seed with hidden history How we see the world is defined by the story we tell ourselves about how we got here. That’s why one

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Broadcast Amsterdam Archive

Every Thursday, I tell a quirky story from Amsterdam history on Dam Daily. Here are some links to past episodes. My stories are usually around the 40th or 45th minute, but the whole episode is always a good listen. The Deutzenhofje, or good deeds don’t

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#DamDaily on Thursdays

Check out #DamDaily every Thursday from 9am-11am. Or, listen whenever you feel like it on podcast or their site: In addition to fascinating guests and some truly excellent music from host Blesz, you can hear me tell a quick story from Amsterdam’s hidden history.

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When gatherings resume, you can find me on the fourth Friday of every month performing in Samizdat: Stories from the Underground at Mezrab House of Stories. In the meantime, check out their streamed stories every Friday night at 20:30.

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My other expertises:


I specialize in B2B, travel, culture, and conveying tech ideas to general audiences.


I edit creative, communications, and academic texts in US or UK English. 

Creative writing

My start in theater honed my use of character and story structure.