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#DamDaily on Thursdays

Check out #DamDaily every Thursday from 9am-11am. Or, listen whenever you feel like it on podcast or their site:

In addition to fascinating guests and some truly excellent music from host Blesz, you can hear me tell a quick story from Amsterdam’s hidden history. Check it out!

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Socially Distanced Amsterdam Tour

I’ve missed storytelling! I’m excited to say I’m back to revealing Amsterdam’s hidden history with a socially distanced tour. We walk through the spacious Plantage neighborhood and I tell the stories of the hidden heroes who shaped Amsterdam. Check it out:


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I specialize in B2B, travel, culture, and conveying tech ideas to general audiences.


I edit creative, communications, and academic texts in US or UK English. 

Creative writing

My start in theater honed my use of character and story structure. 


I tell hidden history stories about women, LGTBTQ people, and people of color.

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Upcoming events


When gatherings resume, you can find me on the fourth Friday of every month performing in Samizdat: Stories from the Underground at Mezrab House of Stories. In the meantime, check out their streamed stories every Friday night at 20:30.